16 декабря 2022


 DATE: December 18,  2012
VENUE: President Hotel (24, Bolshaya Yakimanka str.)


08:30 — 10:00
Forum participants registration


10:00 — 12:30
The official opening of the Forum, Plenary session


12:30 — 14:30
Business lunch


14:00 — 16:30
Specialized sessions on development matters:

  • Conserving Energy and Energy Efficiency (including small energy);
  • Oil and Gas sector and Preserving the environment;
  • Industrial and environmental safety in fuel and energy facilities;
  • Petrochemical industry;
  • Coal industry;
  • Electric Power Industry and Power Engineering;
  • Transportation and logistics infrastructure


16:30 — 18:30
Работа «“The territory of business development” »

It is the business networking area as well as the platform for efficient projects presentation and conclusion of new partnership relations.

«All participants and partners of “The territory of business development” are subject to prequalification.

“The territory of business development” is an agent-free zone, therefore discussions and meetings are subject-focused and successful.


«“The territory of business development” is

  • exhibition
  • networking area (series of preliminary scheduled meetings and discussions)  
  • presentation of own projects and ideas.


19:00 — 21:00
Reception for participants of the Forum (by invitations only)