The Territory of Business Development

16 декабря 2022

The Territory of Business Development

It is a networking platform for business communities, an area for effective presentation of projects and conclusion of new partnership relations.

All participants and partners of “The territory of business development” are subject to prequalification. It is an agent-free zone, therefore discussions and meetings are subject-focused and successful.

“The territory of business development» consists of:

  • exhibitioninstallation of stands;
  • networking areaeffective networking and search for business partners, consultancies, master classes, networking;
  • subcontracts exchange market series of preliminary scheduled meetings and discussions for the authorized representatives of various companies, i.e. Employers and potential Suppliers/Contractors. Russian industrial enterprises are confidently moving to the subcontractor relations in order to facilitate the production and increase the competitiveness. 

Participants of Subcontracts exchange market are conditionally divided into two categories:

“Residents” (companies which submitted their queries and offers for cooperation in the field of innovations in advance and assigned their representatives for working with potential partners in duly equipped meeting cabins) including:

* developers of the technical constituent of the investment projects, construction sector;  

* companies of oil and gas and energy industries, consumers of goods and services thereof;  

* general contractors;

* financial companies and development institutes;

* field-oriented higher educational institutions, technology transfer centers, technology parks, other infrastructure companies and institutions etc;

* cooperation organizations: clusters, technology platforms, association focused on attraction of new participants and members;

* state authorities exercising the state management functions in the field of implementation of investment infrastructure projects;  

*other companies and institutions.

“Applicants” (companies interested in the negotiations and meeting the residents)

Main meetings trends in the framework of “Subcontractor exchange market”:  

* Placing orders for the services (research, design, construction, contractor works etc);

* Search for suppliers of goods and services;

* Introduction of innovative technologies and materials in the construction;

* Placing orders for the supply of innovative products (components);   

* Application of innovative developments in state housing and public utilities sector;  

* Ensure comprehensive safety during construction of power facilities, industrial and residential facilities;

* Funding (loans, grants, investments etc) for the implementation of development projects;

* Infrastructure support for the innovation projects;  

* Placing orders for research and development works;

* Exchange of views between the state authorities and participants of investment projects for efficient decision-making;   

* Other topics.

Meeting procedure: meetings should be held as per agreed time in accordance with the schedule established in advance.

Presentation of own projects and ideas with technical support (please contact the Organization committee)